Was this a Mistaek?

The reason why I have chosen "Mistaek" as the name to embrace imperfection and highlight that making mistakes is okay. It's a unique identifier that reflects my journey of accepting flaws and learning from them, both personally and professionally.

Was this a Mistaek?

You might be thinking, "Why this name?" or even, "You really messed up there!". Let me explain.

The Significance of Usernames in the Digital World

Everyone knows that usernames are important for several reasons: they serve as a unique identifier that distinguishes users, help prevent unauthorised access to platforms or systems and can even be how users are addressed or mentioned by others in many online communities and services. What they can also do is act as a brand name, becoming an important aspect of one's online presence and marketing, and getting tied to the user's reputation.

Now, how did I end up with this idea for my username and my website? Actually, it was a long process. It involved a lot of dog-walking, thinking, writing ideas, and trying to mix and match different things. I did more speaking and audio recording while outside than I'm proud of—but it also helped me think about the number of things I can do in the long run with my brand and the ideas I can work with. Probably a large part of those ideas are not good, but that's part of the process!

Embracing Imperfection: A Personal Journey

I'm always thinking about things I'd like to do and how I can create more and be more. However, due to being a perfectionist, I've struggled to even begin to do those things because they are not ready or well-thought or "perfect" (whatever that means). The majority of the times because I'm looking at what other people do and how those things look so polished and great and comparing myself to them! In my head, everyone is better than me.
Another issue that I deal with is the fact that I get bored really easily and want to test something else—a topic I will explain later in another article—and end up not really doing it for a long time.

In sum, getting bored easily together with having the idea that everything I do is not good or on the level that I want them to be is a massive combination for not doing it.

That's why I've decided to start this. This is my way of starting something and sharing what I'm doing and what I plan to do, showing the process, the pains and the gains of something, knowing beforehand that I can (and will) make mistakes. And this idea came from the fact that, usually, people don't show the process as they're going through it. We see the result, we can even see, in some way, the process that was followed but we don't understand the struggles and, more importantly, the mistakes that were made along the way. Usually everything is "rigged" to look like everything went fine and according to plan.

The Genesis of a Name: A Story of Ideas and Mistakes

If you read my previous article, you already have some details about me and how it all started (If you didn't read it and you're curious, feel free to read it here). And now we sort of understand how I think and what usernames are for and the impact they can have.

Even though this name might seem negative, I think it will be ok! Nobody's perfect, so I'm embracing the fact that we all make mistakes and I'm owning it! I'm forcing myself to be open about it and to highlight when I make those mistakes, and eventually I can inspire—or try to inspire—people that it's okay to make mistakes.

I'm basically fighting my mentality and my perfectionism by starting something that I know is not going to be perfect. And that's what I want!

Exploring Creativity

"Yeah yeah, perfectionism and mistakes. Good for you. What does this all mean?"

It means I will be writing some things about what I like to do—Design Systems, Modular Design, Tips & Tricks, Software and Design in general—as well as some other personal and random things. I already have plans for some challenges and series that I want to do in the future that will help me grow and develop myself. Don't expect this to be something where I'm going to write as a guru and teach you how to live your life (I'm not that person).

Basically, expect to see some examples or things that I discovered on the process of building something. Don't expect to read about how you need to be doing those things - there's a ton of people already doing it. Some are good, others not so much. Eventually, if this "thing" sticks, we can think about sharing some ways of doing things, but always with the purpose of starting something and improving as we go.

The Role of Mistakes in Personal and Professional Growth

To conclude, I really think that this name is something "unique" and really simple, even without me noticing it. It also allows me to be both professional and casual in my online presence due to its simplicity.

Does it represent me? I don't really know. I guess we'll figure it out as we go. Right now, I feel it will help me and represent what I want to do. As with all things, it might evolve... or not. Mistakes have always happened and will happen again in the future, so it's something that is flexible and allows me to grow.

It also allows me to talk about some aspects of my professional and personal life, and how mistakes can always be present.

So far, I really like it and what it allows me to do. But what do you guys think? Do you like the idea? Do you like what it means and what it will be?

That’s all folks!

Thanks for reading it all! Feel free to share your thoughts!

You can also find me on dribbble, behance and Instagram.

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